• Our mission is to cultivate meaningful, sustainable, and effective partnerships between family-serving agencies and caregivers that achieve positive child and family outcomes through authentic guidance, training, and support.


    Authenticus Consultants offer an important contribution to the array of technical support currently available to agencies interested in achieving meaningful involvement. Through their unique perspective and wealth of involvement experience, agencies have the potential to redefine their approach to family involvement.

    Jeri L Damman, Birth Parent Involvement Scholar


    What We Do


    At Authenticus we offer a number of consulting services to assist agencies such as Child Welfare, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, Law Enforcement, and the Courts with programs to maximize their potential to engage with those they serve.


    We work with regional, state, county, and local child and family serving agencies to create collaborative partnerships within and between diverse groups of parents and caregivers (birth, foster, adoptive parents and kin) and agency service providers (child welfare, mental health, law enforcement, domestic violence, substance abuse treatment, and courts) to promote successful outcomes.

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    Initial Assessment

    Authenticus is ready and willing to partner with your agency, whether it is a small non-profit or a large public service agency. We will work with you to determine the specific needs of your agency and how best to proceed.

    Consulting Services

    After the initial assessment, Our team will provide you with recommendations for how we can best work together to provide the services through the development of a specific and customized plan to meet the needs identified.

    Strategic Planning Services

    Authenticus offers strategic planning services to maximize the potential of your projects. Long term sustainability and establishment of a solid infrastructure are given careful consideration from day one.

    Learning Experiences, Conferences, Training and Technical Assistance, Speaker Services


  • Authentically Us

    Meet our team of consultants who have provided consulting services, collectively and individually in a wide variety of settings.

    Together we have over 30 years of engagement expertise.

    Angela Braxton, Family Empowerment Consultant

    Authenticus, LLC



    Angela Braxton is described by her colleagues as a pioneer and a visionary in the field of family engagement. Her excitement and dedication to families is contagious, and those who have met her, and worked with her on projects, have a deep appreciation for the gifts she brings to the table.

    Leadership: Angela is a natural born leader with an innate ability to encourage, support, and strengthen those working on her team, and to foster team development and consensus within diverse populations. With a servant’s heart, Angela knows and appreciates each person and their strengths, and uses her leadership skills to serve as a role model to draw out individual and unique talent and contribution.

    Experience: As a national family engagement consultant with more than 20 years’ lived experience, Angela wears multiple hats when it comes to engagement. Her previous experience includes working as a Family Consultant Coordinator with the Capacity Building Center for States (CBCS), and a trainer with the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute’s (NCWWI) Leadership Academy for Middle Managers in Child Welfare. Angela has also served on several national boards and offered a range of consultancy services that focus on representing the parent voice or perspective. Angela has extensive experience in working with state and local child welfare agencies and systems, as well as with family partners, to improve child welfare outcomes for children and families by establishing and supporting meaningful family engagement and involvement. This work has focused on the mutually respectful and sustained engagement of families in child welfare system improvement activities at the direct service, supervisory, management, policy, and legislative level.

    Skills: Angela is skilled in building collaborative opportunities that develop and sustain system knowledge of meaningful engagement processes, and brings both her own expertise and that of others to the table. Through skillful and effective recruitment, team building, coordination, project management, and a large dose of authenticity, Angela has proven success in achieving the best outcomes. Angela’s areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: assessment, consulting, planning services (programs, compensation), and developing and facilitating learning experiences (staff training, workshops, speaker services, conference presentations).

    Angela is the founding member and partner of Authenticus, LLC, a trailblazing company that is redefining the approach to technical assistance and support on parent and family engagement, and is owned and operated by professionally skilled and successful birth parents with prior system experience. Angela is also the author of A Woman with an Issue: A Mother's Memoir of Addiction, Loss, Redemption and Recovery (2006).

    Dee Bonnick, MSW

    Authenticus, LLC


    Dee Bonnick is a consultant, advocate, educator and activist with a focus on social justice issues that affect children and families. A mother of 3, Dee has dedicated over 20 years of her professional career working to promote dignity and respect for marginalized communities who are involved in various systems. Her passion and energy stems from her belief in equality and justice for all people with a specific focus on addressing social problems on the macro level. Dee has been committed to lifting up the voices of vulnerable and marginalized populations, through leadership development, education, advocacy and policy practice. Dee has a BSW from Southern Connecticut State University and a MSW from New York University.



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